The Art of Christian Gabriel  

The Plan

Who: Christian Gabriel, Project Artist/ Veteran

Underground Robin, Project Coordinator

Gregory Hergert, Advisor

Alex Moan, Film Director

Luke Nice, Film Director

What: “Acrylic Warfare: Built to Survive” will showcase a variety of Veteran artists. The crew will travel to 10 cities where Christian will talk about veteran suicide and alternative forms of therapy. This art show is meant inspire and educate the veteran community. Throughout our travels, we will be making a documentary so we can reach more veterans for years to come.

Where: Brassworks Gallery

             Portland, OR Jan 3, 2020

            Seattle, WA TBD 

            San Diego, CA TBD 

            Las Vegas, NV TBD 

            Scottsdale, AZ TBD 

            Austin, TX TBD

            Columbus, OH TBD

            Charlotte, NC TBD

            Tampa Bay, FL TBD

            Virginia Beach, VA TBD

            Brassworks Gallery

            Portland, OR Nov 11, 2020

When: 2020

Why: Many of us come home from war, never actually come home. We are still fighting a war in our heads. We trade the feelings of happiness and peace from our loved ones for anger and hate for strangers. We travel to foreign lands to fight because of what our government tells us. Whether or not they are telling the truth will come out in 50 years when it’s irrelevant and most of us are gone. 22 Veterans A DAY commit suicide. That’s just a number of deaths that are reported. I believe it’s more than that.