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Life Is Constant

Posted on December 7, 2011 at 3:45 AM
Life is constant. Some days, that's a good thing and some days it's a bad thing. This was one of the many thoughts I had today. When I say many, I don't mean that as in, "Christian, pay attention to me. You think too much." I mean it as in some day my thoughts will come out of my brain in rope form and strangle me to death. This world is such an obscure entity. For as fast as a life can be created, whether by mistake or on purpose, Death comes just as easily. The Earth is anxious to get fed and it will get its' way no matter what. Friends will often say I talk about experiencing "worldly" happenings. I thrive on it. Anything from racing against the rooster's wake up call to the top of a mountain for the sunrise, to walking into a dive bar restroom only to see random addicts shoot up. It's all "of the world" and it's exciting. (Lets just be clear, I have never partaken in any of those hard drugs, nor do I plan to) Will you ever catch me at a country saloon? Probably....fucking.....never. Unless if it's to ride the mechanical bull, but that's about it. Being the metalhead I am, it's been about 4 months with what feels to be a broken nose and finger, yet I will always go back into the pits. It just feels good. Being at Scarefest inspired me a lot. I not only got to know Aaron, Adam and Eric a lot better, I also met lots of great people. People wonder what my next move is going to be, so I guess you can say that this blog is for every one of you that inspired me! You can work so hard in life to afford tangible items. Clothes, TV's, game consoles, or even collectibles. One day, while exiting your front door, someone comes in through the back to take what is rightfully yours. There is absolutely no way that anyone could ever take away my weekend at Scarefest from me. The friends I've made cannot be stolen, nor can my memory escape me of our good times. That is what life is about. At year's end, there are lots of great things happening. I did the "Classically Playful" photoshoot last week in pitch dark. Photographer and friend, George Bugbee knew of a great place to shoot. Little did I know, we were treading close to the gates of Hell. Walking down a dark tunnel in the middle of Sin City was a perfect way to spend my Monday night. If I'd only knew the NY Giants were gonna play horrible that night, I would've wanted to take some more photos. Shortly after my venture for bloody psycho pictures, friend Manny Avila and myself finished our Batman mural outside of my gallery. It surprised the hell out of me, this being our first mural and all. We worked so well together and I'm looking forward to the next one! In the near future my sister might also help me with one as well! "Metal Injection" my newest painting, is about 60% done. Once I get that done, I will continue where I left off with Aaron Goodwin's collection. On the side, I am continuing artwork for metal band, "Where The Fallen Lie" as well as other art for Camel Hump Recording Studio ( ) In other news, I am now a member of Dark Media City. You can join too! Go to I will also be featured in the newest issue of The Spirits Digest. ( ) The issue will come out right before Christmas and will also feature a certain house from a certain town I grew up in! Until next time, I bid farewell. -CG

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