The Art of Christian Gabriel  


"My Heart Still Beats Your Name"

Posted on February 14, 2012 at 2:25 PM
She calls my name. Fragile whispers carry through the wind and caress my ear. Fragrance of a time I once treasured glides off of her skin and dances past my face one last time before disappearing. The gaze from her heavenly eyes brings warmth to my soul. Thoughts of holding her in my arms try to consume me. ?Although I am tempted, I will not move, for I am the foundation. My body is of the earth, my boots are rooted in the dirt. My eyes stay focused on the battlefield from afar. I am her security. Holding the knife, my grip gets tighter.? I decided to stop there. This actually way longer but I wanted to save this piece for my book I'm writing. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Thank you for all of the kind tweets and emails this morning! As you know, it's February. I am up to running 4 miles. After a quick trip to California to see Machinehead, I will be participating a charity event on Saturday and the Rhino Course Sunday! My ultimate goal is to run the half marathon (Rock n Roll Marathon) this December! This Saturday, Feb 18th, I will be participating in "My Bloody Valentine" inside of Massive Tattoo. Part of the proceeds go to the no-kill animal shelter! On March 31st, I will be at The Amargosa Hotel & Opera House for Desert Para Con! For more info on these upcoming events contact me via Twitter or email Hope to see you all there! Keep fighting the good fight, people! Only YOU can make change you desire! Be Great.

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