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The He(art) Collection

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 12:45 PM
Painting an anatomical heart. I know what you're thinking, real original, right? If you want to do some investigating, you're only a pinterest search away from finding a few shy of a million stylized anatomical hearts online. So, why do it? For some time now, this has been in the works per my wife's request to paint these weird things. Being an OR (Operating Room) nurse on the Heart Team for a few years, she loved (no pun intended) the idea to bring my work and hers together in a painting. Just recently, I had this idea of putting all aspects of our life together in a collection. I figured I'd take on the challenge of creating something original from something unoriginal. Another motivation behind this collection is to spread Organ donor awareness. When you get your driver's license, you must choose whether you're a donor or not. I'll be the first one to agree, it's a little morbid for you to sit there in the DMV and think about getting in a fatal car crash and paramedics salvaging your vital organs. Especially for 16 year olds that just start out driving. You just want to get that little pass of freedom and go. Let's face it, you have important places to be like the mall, the beach, the movies, job, etc. Over the past 5 years, someone close to me has had CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). This person has been on and off the transplant list, constantly getting the run-around. I have no idea how they are feeling, but I can see the struggle in their eyes (as stubborn as they are). This can all be avoided if there were more donors out there. To summarize this new collection, it's done all out of Love ; ) -CG

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