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NY Waste Magazine 20th Anniversary!

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 7:55 PM
Wednesday morning I will be en route to one of the greatest cities in the world! New York City. (NYC used to be THE greatest city until I went to Paris, now it's a tie). Nearly ten years ago, I was a bellmen at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas and I had the privilege of helping this awesome punk rock chick with her bags. Her name was Lucky. Blonde with an English accent, leather and studs from high heel to toe. I NEVER like to talk about my art, especially back then, but she was very down to earth and made conversation with me. She mentioned she was in town for Viva Las Vegas (The Rockabilly Festival) so I showed her my Frankenstein portrait on my phone. She loved it and wanted to use it for her magazine. We've been friends ever since. Lucky, if you're reading this, thank for letting be a distant relative in the NY Waste family! There will be art from 15 NY Waste artists on display during the month of March at Gallery on A in East Village. Work of mine on display will be "Poison Heart" and "The Agonist".

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