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Scarefest Ticket Giveaway!

Posted on September 6, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Who wants some tickets??? Well here's an easy way to win them....... "I'm not reading no funny books mama. Our bodies come and go, but this blood is forever!" Tell me what movie this quote is from, the character/Actor or actoress that said it, find them on twitter and mention them in your tweet with your answer(Include their twitter SN name for example, my name is: @CGabriel_art) First one I receive a tweet from with those THREE things gets a pair of glorious Scarefest tickets (2). (Note: If your tweet doesn't include all 3 things I've asked for, it will not count) There will be 2 runner-up prizes, a print of your choice. This giveaway starts at 3pm eastern, so any early tweets will be ignored. Sorry, have to be fair : ) CLUE: This person will be at Scarefest! As Jennifer Kirkland would say, "Good Luck y'all!" lol

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