The Garden Collection The Garden Collection Made In Portland 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas $1000 This was created at a major transition in my life. I had to say goodbye to a best friend, while looking forward to welcoming my son into the world. When the bittersweet contrast of life and death has me speechless, all I can do is create. Collin would?ve loved this painting, he was my biggest fan. Sometimes I think how he has already met my son. Then I smile. 204719444 Swing Kids 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas 3,000 "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing" - Duke Ellington "Swing Kids" was one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid. I love the music, the dancing and the all-around culture of swing. The unique lighting is at the top of my list of reasons I love this painting. It's exciting and gives them more of a dancehall feel. I also love the dancefloor. I think it adds to the movement of this piece. If I was stuck on an island with only one dance, it would be swing! 204052469 Long Stem Wedding 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas $2,000 This was the first of the collection. I painted LSW to celebrate my relationship with my wife. Through thick and thin, we finally tied the knot after 5 years. While I was deployed to Iraq, my mother would always bring in pictures of me to her work and set them on her desk. My soon-to-be wife asked her to introduce us when I got home and the rest is history. I guess you could say my mom hooked us up. Thanks ma! 199591599 Let's Get High! 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas $500 204326761 Broadway Stroll 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas $1000 Growing up, my sister always had the coolest posters. When I was 13, she gave me a framed poster of James Dean. I spent lots of time looking at the famous picture of JD walking down Broadway with a cigarette in his mouth. I always wanted to be just like James (minus the smoking). I decided on taking a trip down memory lane (After Swing Kids) and recreating a classic (with my own twist of course!) 204326764 Oregon Legal 18x30 Mixed Media $150 204458475 Abbey Rose 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas $500 204326762 The Experience 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas $1000 204458476 Fire In The Garden 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas $500 204458477 The Blueprint 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas $500 204458478 Act I 18x36 Acrylic on Canvas $1,000 I did this for my (hidden) love of the ballet. We went to Paris for our Honeymoon and got to see a ballet in Palais Garnier, the theater that Phantom of the Opera based off of. The theater, the performance and friendly acquaintances in the balcony were all very inspiring. When I look at this painting, I still hear the beautiful music from my seat. The sounds of French whispers are faint, but they are still there! And for some reason I get a craving for crepes! 203640595 Flower Children 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas Not For Sale I painted this for my mother and gave this to her for Mother's Day last year. Being a hippie through the 60's, her and my father are wonderful people. They taught me how to be a man and how to treat people. Peace and love are two things we need more of nowadays. Without knowing they owned one, I painted the VW bus in the background! 199591604 Encore 18x36 Mixed Media Unique $500 200671656 One Mind, One Garden 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas $2,000 During a period in soul searching, my wife and I dabbled in Buddhism. Although it is not something we currently practice, we are happy we were introduced to it. We meet many peaceful people and made a few lifetime friends in the process! The Japanese calligraphy on the left means, "Na Myoho Renge Kyo" meaning "I devote my life to the mystic law of cause and effect". The symbol on the right is the Ohm symbol, standing for Peace. On the bottom, I felt like there needed to be a third symbol or word. Artist intuition? The law of 3's? I'm not sure but I felt like putting an English word since I speak English. "Journey" seemed fitting since life is a journey and there's nothing more profound than that! This painting was also filmed in an episode of IFC's hit show, Portlandia (Season 7), be on the look out for it! 199591464 Flower Toss 18x24, Acrylic on wood, $250 I love seeing traditions at wedding such as the flower toss and the garter toss. The women either fight over catching the bouquet or they set one woman up to catch it, while the men try everything in their power not to catch it. There are lots of ways to celebrate the bride on her big day but what about the Bridesmaids? This is a fun piece that everyone can enjoy! 203744382 Electric Daisy 24x48 Acrylic on Canvas $1,500 Electronic music is something I was introduced to during the creation of this collection. The Chillstep sub-genre to be exact. I love the color palette for this painting. Electronic and Heavy metal are two essential genres of music that inspire me to keep creating. They both just send me to a happy place of meditation. 199591462 Lady Justice 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas $800 Lady Justice is a proposal I did for the new Portland courthouse in downtown Portland. 203518943 Vintage Ros`e 18x24 Acrylic on Canvas $500 VR is a painting with 2 inspirations: 1-My wife getting into selling One Hope Wine, a charity-based wine distributor. We love giving back and supporting causes, so at all of my shows you better believe we will be drinking One Hope Wine! 2- A good artist friend of mine, Teresa Maharaj, turned me onto Pthalo Blue. I've always loved her color palette so I decided to try it out (and I'm a fan) I chose to give this Rose her attitude (those who know her will understand) 203518944 Telephone 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas $200 Adding a little humor, I chose to paint daisies playing telephone. No matter which group of friends it is, there's always someone out of the loop! 203518945 Hawaiian Honey 18x36 Acrylic on Canvas $1000 Hawaiian Honey tells of the time me and my wife traveled to Oahu. We were 6 months into the relationship. She needed a date for a wedding (that would get cancelled) so we went anyway. There was one problem the week before we left for Hawaii. We were flat broke! In no position to vacation, I picked her up a few nights before our flight and went to a local bar. Living in Vegas then, she asked what we were doing there. I told her I was there to win us money for Hawaii! Surprisingly, I hit a jackpot of $300 and $120 playing video poker. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time. Something that sticks out in my mind from this trip is when we took a stroll through a park by Ala Moana shopping center, she picked a Hibiscus and put it in her hair. She made reference to the different ears you put the flower on and their meaning. 199591463 Always and Forever 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas $800 200547633 Vida Y Muerte 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas $1000 This painting represents life and death. Inspired from the movie, "The Book of Life", It is a reminder that each path leads to a party, regardless of how we see it. Live life with no worries because there will always be a celebration wherever we go! 199716070 Encore on Park Avenue 9x16 (approx.) Acrylic on Wood. Sold. When I went back to my childhood home in Amityville, NY for the NY marathon(2015), I met the new owners of the store I used to live above. As fate would have it, it's now an art supply store. I shared with them I was an artist and they gave me old wood from the basement that they had just demoed. I painted on it and shipped it back to them for it to sell with the other Amityville art! 201734501 Swan Dive 12x16 Acrylic on Canvas $50 200734133 Seattle Audition 12x16 Acrylic on Canvas $50 I created this when I had the feeling we were going to move to the Pacific Northwest. It was going to be either Seattle or Portland. Even though we ended up in Portland, I visit Seattle alot and I feel like I'm constantly auditioning for galleries! 200681785 It's Complicated 8x24 Acrylic on Canvas $100 If you haven't been in a relationship, you won't understand this one. 200671634 The Garden Awards 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas $800 My sister is a screen writer loves movie-culture. One day I believe she will be on the red carpet with an award! 200547636 Act II 12x16 Acrylic on Canvas $50 This one compliments Act I 200671529 Regenerate 11x14 Acrylic on Canvas $50 This was a sketch that I decided to turn into a painting. I was looking in my sketchbook one day for something to paint and couldn't resist the armless person struggling to get their arms back. 201214402 Riley the Bear 12x16 Acrylic on Canvas Sold. After the passing of a family member, I would always send in our Golden Retriever (Riley) to cheer my wife up. For some reason, I've always called Riley a "bear" since he was 5 weeks old. I don't know how they do it, but dogs always have that special power of cheering you up when you're down! 200734132 Mile High Performance 12x16 Acrylic on Canvas $50 I painted this after the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl. I am not a Broncos fan by any means but I wanted to use the colors, a male figure and a little "Pollock" flavor around the edges. 200799493 Tiny Dancer 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas $25 200671635