The Art of Christian Gabriel  

Always Focused (Air Force Heart)


Limited Edition poster (Signed & numbered to 100) 11x17. This is not the original painting.

Always Focused is a name I thought was very fitting when describing the Air Force. There is alot of attention-to-detail when maintaining and operating aircrafts. From Pararescue to Security Police, the Air Force is one underestimated branch. This painting was inspired by the painting, Man of Steel I did for my best friend Collin. It is my interpretation of an LVAD (Heart pumping device). I will continue to make these to not only raise awareness of veteran suicide but to also raise organ donor awareness.

The pair of Aviators hanging and Thunderbird taking off represent a certain “Top Gun feel” I wanted for this painting. Peeking out above the sunglasses is a Hellfire missile used on Predator drones. The crest on the dogtag represents Air Force Pararescue (Special Forces). This heart definitely works hard and plays hard!

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